Don’t Let the Cat out of the Bag! Home Staging Tips when you have pets


When your home is on the market in Portland Oregon or anywhere else, common sense dictates that pets should not be seen, smelled, or heard by potential buyers.  Perhaps the buyers viewing your home may be allergic to cats, or afraid of dogs, or dislike pets in the house … you never know how some people might react.


The online photos of your home in the MLS are so important, since most buyers preview a property before deciding whether or not to go see it in person.  This cute black cat was in two photos of an old listing! However, showing a cat is not a good idea when marketing your home; potential buyers might stay away.

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For tips to keep your home looking “move in ready” while it’s on the market, contact your local professional home staging expert.  We’ll also provide you with advice on selling your home when you have pets.