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What is Home Staging and why is it necessary?

How we live in our homes is very different from how we prepare them for selling. In order for your home to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers, it must be presented as clean, clutter-free, warm, inviting and free-flowing. A properly staged home showcases the space, instead of what's in it, so that buyers don't become distracted by the furnishings or clutter. Each room in a well-staged home should be arranged around a single focal point, and it should be showcased in a way that allows prospective buyers to quickly see all the different ways the space might be used.

Staging highlights a home's best features and architectural details, as well as minimizes flaws. It's necessary because most buyers have a difficult time imagining how a space could look when properly furnished – and how they might utilize each space.

Can't I do the staging myself since I've watched a lot of those HGTV shows?

Staging a property is best handled by an experienced professional stager who doesn't have emotional ties to the property. A professional can view your home as a potential buyer would, without getting caught up in the "history" of the home and its contents. A professional is trained to create an inviting look that will appeal to a wide variety of buyers. A professional knows how to update the look of a home using properly placed accessories. Our training includes the use of color, the proper placement of furniture, the importance of scale in a room, how to minimize all types of flaws, and how to showcase the best features in a home. It's difficult to learn these things from watching a TV show where you see a quick transformation without much detail.

Why don't I try to sell my property first without staging it?

The best time to stage your property is before it's listed and shown. Staging it first will allow your property to make the best first impression on potential buyers and agents. About 80% of today's buyers are previewing properties on the internet, which makes the online listing photos critical for encouraging buyer interest. Once a home has been on the market without staging, it's much more difficult to get agents and their buyers back into the home. Staging it first allows you to capitalize on the "buzz" created by a new listing.

Does staging work on all types of properties in all price ranges?

Yes! Whether your property is at the lower price point or over a million dollars, staging will help present it in the best possible way to potential buyers.

Is the cost of home staging tax deductible?

The fees for home staging can be considered a marketing expense of selling your property. Please refer to IRS Publication 523 and discuss deducting the home staging cost with your tax or accounting professional.

Is home staging the same as interior decorating?

Interior decorating personalizes your home when you're living in it; home staging makes your home appealing to the broadest number of potential buyers – which often means de-personalizing it. Both methods share some basic concepts, but home staging will allow a home's features to be maximized specifically for selling. Home staging is a marketing tool, the "packaging" that will help your property sell faster than the competition.

Why should I choose Room Solutions Staging for my property?

Experienced, flexible and responsive, we provide home sellers and their agents an invaluable service with our Verbal Staging Consultation. In just a couple of hours, we show you how to transform your home into one that potential buyers will admire (and want for themselves). Room Solutions Staging is registered and fully insured; the techniques and expert advice provided to homeowners by Room Solutions Staging are second to none.

Whether partnering with a realtor or working directly with a homeowner, our aim is the same: 100% satisfaction.

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