Is Your Home a Quick Change Artist? This Home was and Sold in 2 Days


Sometimes when staging a home, having the ability to make a quick change is important.  The real estate market in Portland Oregon has heated up, and homes in desired locations, in good condition and presented well to buyers can make the difference between a quick sale and one that might linger.

We were contacted by homeowners whose home had previously been on the market without any offers. They said the feedback they’d heard was that their home appeared a little dated. They knew that buyers likely saw some dated furniture and just presumed the house was dated, too.

In reality, the house itself was in excellent condition and just needed a few updates in how it was presented for their target buyer.  This is where consulting with a professional home stager can make a big difference!

Here’s “Before” & “After” photos showing how this home was a Quick Change Artist & sold in 2 days:
Before staging 
After staging by Room Solutions Staging 
Before home staging in Portland OR 
Room Solutions Staging 
Before home staging 
Room Solutions Staging LLC

The sellers requested that we bring in some updated furniture & accessories, and the house was transformed in just a few hours at a very reasonable cost. It received multiple offers and sold in just two days! 

If you need help making your home a Quick Change Artist, call your local professional home stager for help!