Staging Advice: Make Sure your Open House is a Success


Portland OR home staged by Room Solutions

Do you want your Open House visitors to relax and linger? 

First, remember to appeal to all of the senses:

  • The Front Door should be clean and have a fresh coat of paint; replace the door hardware if needed
  • The exterior light fixtures should be clean and shining
  • A new doormat and a few pots of colorful flowers are very welcoming to potential buyers

The house itself should smell clean … without heavy or perfumey scents. Open the windows to bring in fresh air before the Open House; and don’t allow smoking in or around the house when it’s on the market.

LIGHT WILL HELP SELL YOUR HOME!  Turn on all of the light fixtures and lamps and just as importantly, fully open all of the blinds and window coverings.  Remove heavy drapes and fussy window valances and swags. Light coming through the windows will give needed energy to your house.  Speaking of windows, be sure they’re clean inside and outside.

REMOVE IT:  Remove clutter from tabletops and counters; remove family photos so that buyers can imagine themselves living in this home …  Create an easy and open traffic flow when you arrange the furniture. It’s usually best to remove those really large, bulky items like big recliners or huge sectionals that block the traffic flow.  Don’t block any nice views with heavy, large furniture or high sofas — you want buyers to be able to see what’s outside, from the inside.

HIGHLIGHT IT:  If there’s a fireplace, hang art above it to draw attention to this important focal point.  Got a great view? Open up all of those window coverings! Have hardwood floors? Now is the time to reveal them, so roll up those large area rugs that are hiding the beautiful wood floors.

FIX IT: Buyers will notice any flaws so before the Open House, touch up paint as needed on walls, in doorways, and around baseboards.  Fix all of the little things you’ve been meaning to do.  Check the plumbing, clean the fireplace and the chimney, make sure the roof and fences are in tip-top shape.

TIP:  Before putting your home on the market, visit a new development nearby and view the model home to spot what trends are popular in your area. Notice the paint colors and see how the model is designed to appeal to the target buyer — you can do the same with your home.  Buyers may be comparing your home to a newer one so pick up some ideas on how to make your home as appealing as possible.

GET EXPERT STAGING ADVICE: A staging consultation with a professional stager is a very cost-effective way to get advice on how to make YOUR Open House a success!  Cost ranges from $150 to $300 in most areas, and covers everything you can do to make sure that buyers love your home from the moment they approach the house.