Caught Red Handed While Staging These Homes!


We were caught red handed while staging these homes in the Portland, Oregon area

We love to use red as an accent color while staging … it has the ability to draw the buyer’s eye around a room, causing it to stop and then move on to the next spot we want to feature.  Sometimes we use red to emphasize a focal point, sometimes to highlight an architectural feature, and sometimes just to add interest to an otherwise “blah” type of space.  Give potential buyers something to look at … a well-presented home.

Whenever we use red in our staging, the homes sell quickly!  There must be something to this theory …. here are 4 homes where we used red as an accent color …

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Don’t be afraid to use red ~ it’s an effective technique when staging your home for sale. Your online photos and in-person viewings will attract and excite potential buyers to want to see more!

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