“Resident Heads” on the living room walls ~ Before & After


Room Solutions Staging in Portland OR was recently contacted to stage an Occupied home in West Linn OR.  The sellers were very motivated to get everything in order to make their home presentable and to stand out among the other homes in their beautiful neighborhood.  When we visited this lovely home, these “residents” mounted on the living room wall greeted us —

room solutions home staging & redesign portland oregon

Room Solutions home staging portland OR

We were able to convince the husband that his mounted trophies needed to be packed away prior to showing the home.  The brass fireplace surround was also easily removed, instantly updating this room.

The piano was moved so that it no longer fought with the fireplace to be the focal point. We then staged the living room using only the seller’s items, and made it much more appealing to the target buyer. Potential buyers will now find this home friendlier and more inviting.

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