Smart Banks in Portland OR are Staging Foreclosed Homes!


A few years ago, some mortgage loans were easy to obtain …staging foreclosed homes in portland OR

… but eventually many of the loans defaulted, drastically changing the real estate market.

Many banks were left with homes that they had to sell. Typically, these homes sat on the market for months and many of them looked neglected and weren’t appealing to buyers.

However, a few smart banks in Portland Oregon realized that by cleaning up these homes, staging them and listing them with realistic prices ~ they’d have a much better chance of selling.  By selling these foreclosed homes more quickly, neighborhood values have been preserved as much as possible, and lucky buyers have snapped up bargains.

Our Portland home staging company has staged many foreclosed properties. Most of them had lingered on the market as new or nearly new construction for up to four years.  Eventually, the bank took them back and then realized that staging would make them irresistible to buyers ~ and they were right! Here are a few examples of the foreclosed Portland-area homes that we’ve had the privilege to stage …

This Portland house was on the market for 2+years as a vacant; then staged & sold in a couple of months: portland oregon home stagingdunthorpe home stagingstaging foreclosures in Portland Oregonreal estate staging in portland oregon

This Lake Oswego OR property was on the market for 4 years! After staging, it sold in 90 days: real estate staging lake oswego oregon

This foreclosure in Beaverton OR was on the market for 2+years & sold 6 weeks after staging: beaverton oregon real estate stagersbeaverton oregon real estate stagers This Tigard OR foreclosure was on the market for nearly 3 years; after staging, it sold in 3 months:tigard oregon home stagingbank foreclosures staged in portland oregonhome stagers portland OR

And this West Linn, Oregon foreclosure sold in just 15 days! west linn oregon home staginghome stagers west linn ORoregon real estate staging

These are just a few examples of the foreclosed homes that smart Portland-area banks have staged. Everyone in the transaction wins when foreclosed homes are staged to be as appealing as possible to potential buyers and sell faster as a result!

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For more information on staging foreclosed homes in the Portland OR area, contact Room Solutions Staging @ 503-246-1800.  Our home staging services help Portland homeowners, banks, builders, investors and Realtors by staging each property for its target buyer.  Days On Market for our staged properties is just 29 Days, compared to the Portland average of over 140 Days!  Call or email us for a free home staging proposal.