Even Professionally Photographed Homes can Benefit from Staging


We’ve seen the compelling evidence that proves that excellent photos can significantly improve a home’s appeal in the online photos. Since so many of today’s buyers are previewing homes online it only makes sense to have the best photos possible. Sellers and listing agents who hire a professional photographer are smart and savvy — a true professional can enhance the home with photos by using a wide-angle lens that shows the architectural features of the home, not just a corner with two windows (which is what we often see in the MLS photos, unfortunately).

Every now and then I’ll notice a vacant home on the MLS that was professionally photographed, and I admire the shots and how the photographer’s expertise captured the rooms beautifully. Being a professional home stager, however, I can’t help but wonder …. wouldn’t this vacant home look even better if it were staged? With appropriate furnishings, potential buyers would be able to imagine what it would be like to live in this house, and make it a “home.”

Recently, my Portland home staging company was hired to stage a new construction home that had been on the market for a few months. The feedback from viewers is that they liked the home and location, but some were having difficulty with the great room space, not quite sure how to configure the furniture. The builder thought that staging could help show buyers that the space was indeed very workable. I was impressed that this builder had already hired an excellent professional photographer for the online photos (they are beautiful photos) but as a professional home stager, I could also see that staging would make a difference in how buyers would perceive this home.

Here are photos that show the home vacant but professionally photographed — and then staged. Buyers will find the staged home more appealing since staging answers their questions about furniture placement, size and relevant scale of the space, etc. Staging a home also allows for buyers to make an emotional connection, which is difficult when the home is vacant.portland oregon home staginghome staging portland ORportland OR house staging

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For the best chance to showcase your home or listing in the MLS photos, hire a professional stager who has the experience and talent to make your home stand up to all the competition! We provide photos for the online listing to our clients as part of our service, but we also recommend hiring a professional photographer if the budget allows.

“After” Photos by Room Solutions Staging

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