Are you a Staging Skeptic? Statistics that Prove Home Staging WORKS in Portland OR


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If you’re a homeowner or Realtor in the Portland OR metro area who isn’t yet convinced that staging your property can really make a difference …. here are some facts to help you decide.

In Portland’s current challenging real estate climate the average Days on Market is 149 ~ however, clients of Room Solutions Staging have fared much better with average Days on Market of 31.7 Days ~ and @ 96.8% of List Price!

Using our professional home staging services can save you time and money, whether you need a Consultation or Staging of an Occupied or a Vacant home.

An extremely cost-effective service this year is our Verbal Consultation ~ with this service our clients’ homes have sold on average in just 8.3 Days @ 97.2% of Listing Price. 

So don’t be a Skeptic — Stage your Home and Celebrate a faster Sale!

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* The best home staging statistics are LOCAL ones.  What happens nationwide is not the same as what happens in your market.  Be sure to ask your home stager where their Statistics come from — if it’s from a book, or a training class, it doesn’t reflect their work.  (When you ask your surgeon what his success rate is on a particular operation, you don’t want to be quoted something he learned in medical school — you want the actual success rate that you’d become part of!)

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Whether your Portland OR-area property is coming up on the market or is already listed, our professional home staging services can help reduce market time!  For more information call us @ 503-246-1800.  Room Solutions ~ Staging that Sells Portland Homes.