“You Need the House Staged WHEN??” The Power of Good Customer Service


The magic of home staging in Portland ORSometimes people think of professional home stagers as having a little magic in our bag of tricks, because of the way we can transform a property (vacant or occupied) to make it look irresistible to potential buyers.

If you add great customer service to the mix, home stagers can practically be magicians when needed!

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On Wednesday last week, I received a call from one of our favorite repeat clients ~ they asked if I could look at a vacant new construction home right away and provide a quote for staging it.  Even though I had a full schedule, I made time to pick up the key and view the home.  That evening I emailed them my staging proposal and the next morning they accepted it.  I was thrilled — the house is gorgeous and I knew it would be a pleasure to stage it.  But … they wanted the staging completed two days from then!  (Yikes, it’s 4,100 sq ft and it’s going to take a ton of inventory!)

No problem …. I lined up my staging team and my transport team and selected all of the main furniture pieces, then stayed up late pulling all the right art and accessories, lamps, etc. and filled up my SUV with several loads.  Even though I had to de-stage another house on Friday I made sure that we took care of our repeat client no matter what. It goes without saying that when you’re in a service business, you do whatever is necessary.

Saturday morning we were at the property offloading more of the smaller items and waiting for the “truck” with all of the larger pieces to arrive.  Suddenly, several big flatbed trucks pulled up — loaded with 85 trees they’ll be planting on the property that day!  The landscape crew was very busy outside, while we were busy offloading and directing the movers.  In the midst of all of this hub of activity, my client (owner of the property) showed up unexpectedly to show the house to his wife, followed shortly afterward by the listing broker, who was there to take notes for the online listing.

After a long day, we’d finished staging this home … and since it was dark, I went back on Sunday to take my photos.  The end result was a happy client, a grateful listing agent, and hopefully some good will created by our being able to respond so quickly.  Professional home stagers across North America provide this same level of service every week to their clients.  We love what we do and we can’t wait to repeat this scenario again soon — so bring on the challenges and we’ll be there to create whatever magic is needed! 

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~ Photos by Room Solutions Staging ~

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