This “Skinny” Portland House Lingered on the Market before Staging


Another Portland home staging success story! 

Skinny Homes in Portland became popular a few years ago when developers were granted permission to build on lots that were smaller than the standard 50 x 100 ft. These homes were usually infill in established older neighborhoods, like this example that Room Solutions Staging was hired to stage recently. The builder told me that “buyers just can’t imagine how to use the open space in the living – dining – and kitchen area.”  

Potential buyers needed furniture to “show” them how to use the space; without it, they felt the home wouldn’t work for them.  It had been on the market for several months without an offer.

We planned a distinct living space and dining space adjoining the kitchen that would show buyers that they could indeed live quite comfortably in this home. Here are some Before & After photos that show what we did:

The living room, Before staging: 

Before staging by Room Solutions

This space is right next to the breakfast bar and opposite the fireplace, so it’s where we placed the seating arrangement:

Room Solutions Staging, Portland OR


Another angle shows the seating area & breakfast bar, handy for a quick bite:

There was a small space designated for a dining table: 

Room Solutions Staging Portland OR

Staging showed that a standard 44″ round dining set fit well in this space:

A few other photos show buyers that this home is “move in ready”

The good news is that after staging, this home had multiple full price offers!

The builder wrote to me: “Both we and our Realtor are certain the staging really helped sell this house!”