Savvy Realtor Believes in Home Staging ~ Here’s the Proof!


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Savvy Portland Oregon Realtor Believes in Home Staging ~ Here’s the Proof!

We’ve seen some lively discussions about whether staging can help properties sell faster.  Some real estate agents believe that it’s all about price, and price alone … get the price low enough and any property will sell, regardless of its condition or lack of appeal.

Another segment of savvy real estate professionals believe that home staging offers powerful benefits to sellers and their agents.  Today’s buyers are interested in viewing properties that are “move in ready.” They don’t want to spend time and money to paint, replace carpeting, update the light fixtures and hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms, improve the curb appeal, etc.  Homes that are well presented in the online listing photos and marketing flyers will “draw” more buyers to view them in person.  They must also be priced competitively compared to other homes in a similar location, similar size and condition, etc.

Professional home staging addresses the “condition” issues in a home.  Using either a consultation or hands-on staging service, staging can improve the appeal of any home, even ones with awkward floor plans or dated features.  Experienced home stagers have a lot of creativity and provide helpful tips for sellers and their agents ~ and the best ideas are also very cost-effective.

One of the savvy Oregon Realtors who uses our staging service on all of her listings included this info in her recent newsletter:

“… home sales kept me busy this year … Adding a professional stager and professional photographer to my marketing team produced amazing results ~ In 2009 my listings averaged a mere 30 Days on Market with my sellers receiving an average of 97% of their list price!  This is significantly lower than the Portland area market time of 143 days.”

To avoid having your property languish on the market, and repeated price reductions, call in a professional home stager before listing ~ this ensures you’ve done all that you can to present your home at its very best.

Here’s photos of a few of the homes we’ve staged for Kristin Rader of John L. Scott recently ~ they all SOLD quickly with her team approach that includes Competitive Pricing – Professional Staging – Great Photos

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These homes received either a Verbal Consultation (where we provide the sellers with suggestions for easy, cost-effective cosmetic fixes & advice on proper furniture placement); or Home staging for an Occupied home (where we work with the sellers’ existing furniture to showcase the space); or Home staging for a Vacant home (where we bring in all necessary furniture & accessories to make the home appealing to its target buyer).

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Need to sell your home or listing quickly?  Maureen Bray and the team at Room Solutions Staging in Portland OR offers homeowners, investors, builders, banks, & Realtors a varied menu of professional home staging services.  Our consultation service is only $195 and provides you with expert tips and suggestions to make your home ready for the market.  Give us a call for more info @ 503-246-1800.  We’d love to help you sell your home!