Home Sellers: Questions to Ask your Home Stager Before you Hire Them


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When you’re comparing home staging proposals, here are some questions to consider asking so that you can be confident you’re selecting the company that’s best for your project:

  • Is the home staging company registered in the City they’re based in and fully insured for liability in the event of property damage while on your premises?  Will they provide a copy of their insurance coverage to you?
  • Does the staging company’s pricing proposal include staging the same number of rooms  as your other proposals — so that you can compare apples to apples?  Do they partially stage with “vignettes” only, or do they offer full staging with coordinated furnishings and accessories? 
  • Did they show you examples and photos of their actual work, and not just stock photos of the company they trained with (or photos they found on the internet)? 
  • Does the staging company provide top-quality digital photos for your agent to use online, as well as for flyers? 
  • Are they an established professional staging company with a good website? How long have they been in business?  Does local media include them in articles, interviews & film clips?
  • Does the staging company include periodic visits to the property to check on the staging as part of their service? 
  • Does the staging company accept credit cards? 
  • What training and professional affiliations does the home staging designer have?  Are they a full time home stager?
  • Does the staging company provide photos of their recent staging projects? 
  • Does the staging company give you local clients’ references and testimonials?
  • Does the staging company require a 3-month or longer rental minimum? (you may prefer a shorter time frame)

Because home staging is not yet a regulated industry, there are misconceptions about how it should be done as well as how to hire a good home stager.  If you ask these questions of the stagers you’re considering for your project, you’ll be able to determine who’s best for you.

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