Before your Portland Home goes on the Market make sure we can SEE it!


During a recent home staging consultation for a Portland seller, we suggested several easy, cost-effective improvements to make the home more appealing to buyers — inside and out.

Buyers will form their first impression of the home when they drive up to view it. This first impression is important because usually it influences whether or not they think they’ll like the house.

Because of the impact of the buyer’s first impression, as part of our consultation we always recommend trimming away excess shrubbery so that the house is clearly visible from the street.  Buyers are interested in the home’s architecture, but with too many trees, branches or vines hiding it, the house may have an unfriendly or neglected look to buyers.

Here’s the “before” view from the sidewalk in front of a home about to go on the market: 

Before portland home staging advice

Just trimming the tree branches and some easy tidying up of the flower beds makes this charming 1929 home clearly visible from the street, after: 

improve curb appeal when selling your home

Remember that first impressions start when someone sees your home from the street … so it’s important to pay attention to the front yard and how buyers will be influenced by everything that they see.

Ask your local home stager for more helpful tips on making sure that your home looks its best for the market!