An Oregon Bank believes in Home Staging for their Foreclosed Properties


More banks should consider home staging for their foreclosed properties in order to ensure that the home looks its very best for potential buyers who view it online and in person.  One of our local banks has found that staging their foreclosures is a much faster way to SELL them.

This stunning Portland-area home was on the market for 2 years as a vacant property by the builder, and it didn’t sell.  No one has ever lived in it.  The bank then got involved and hired my Portland-based home staging company to stage it.  We’ve successfully staged multiple homes for them over the past year or two, and all of them have sold quickly after staging, even though they’d been on the market for up to three years.  This smart bank not only believes in staging but also improves and maintains the landscaping and has these foreclosed homes professionally cleaned until they’re SOLD.  Their commitment to quality is remarkable!

Here are some Before & After photos of this custom-built home;  before staging, there just isn’t anything to make you feel that it’s a warm and inviting place to call “Home.”  Our goal was for buyers to be able to appreciate it’s best features.

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It seems that if more banks would stage their foreclosure inventory that neighborhoods would be improved, buyers would find great deals, and everyone would be better off.  We hope that home staging becomes a trend with more banks across the country.

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This home was professionally staged by Room Solutions Staging in Portland OR.  We help homeowners, real estate professionals, banks and builders prepare homes so that they sell quickly.  Our clients appreciate our menu of home staging services including cost effective verbal consultations and staging for both occupied and vacant properties. For a free staging proposal contact us @ 503-246-1800.