Sometimes the Best Testimonials Come from a 7-yr. old … Before & Afters


New clients recently hired our company to stage a vacant home in Hillsboro Oregon, just east of Portland.  The property had been an abused rental, so when I first viewed it, I was able to provide the sellers with advice for easy cosmetic fixes, paint colors, etc.  They worked on the property for quite a few weeks, taking care of home repairs including replacing windows, reconfiguring the family room, and improving curb appeal.

When the staging was completed, I received a wonderful email from my client.  In part, it said “This house looked drab before and had been an abused rental, so we were all very sick of dealing with it. My 7-year-old would complain non-stop every time we had to go over there. As soon as he saw it staged, he said “I don’t want to leave” and “I think we should just move in here.” 🙂

Here’s how the living room looked on my first visit (old wood stove insert, stark white paint, empty) …

hillsboro oregon home stagersportland oregon home staging

After adding Devine paint on the walls & a new window, removing the insert in the fireplace, and staging …home staging hillsboro oregon

home staging and redesign hillsboro OR

The dining room & family room were spacious but needed small fixes & Staging to make them buyer-friendlyportland OR home staginghome stagers portlandportland house staging

hillsboro home staging experts

The master bedroom was stark white, cold and uninviting.  Painting & staging it made it much warmer …home staging and redesign hillsboro oregonoregon home staging experts

So if a 7-yr. old boy likes the home so much now — hopefully a buyer will find it just as irresistible!

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This home was professionally staged by Room Solutions Staging in Portland OR.  We help homeowners, real estate professionals, banks, investors and builders prepare homes so that they sell quickly.  Our satisfied clients appreciate our menu of home staging services including cost-effective verbal consultations and staging for both occupied and vacant properties. For a free staging proposal for your Portland metro property, contact us @ 503-246-1800.