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Home Staging in Portland OR ~ It’s all about the details!

Home staging has definitely caught on in Portland Oregon, and it’s popularity is growing quickly due to the reduced time on the market for homes that are professionally staged. Buyers love a home that looks move-in ready, one that’s priced right, and presented well; all of these factors combined make for a winning combination for the…

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Staged Homes are Selling Fast in Portland Oregon

Staged Homes in Portland Oregon have been selling fast in 2015! As a busy home staging company in Portland Oregon, we’ve seen our staged homes sell faster in 2015 than anytime during the past nine years. That translates to happy sellers and listing agents! We’ve found that the best recipe for a quick sale is…

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What does Home Staging look like in Ireland?

On a recent visit to Ireland, I eagerly looked forward to visiting two staged model homes in a subdivision near the city of Limerick. Last Sunday with camera in hand I snapped some photos and was interested to see what home staging in Ireland and in the US had in common and how it differed.…

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Staging Advice: Make Sure your Open House is a Success

Do you want your Open House visitors to relax and linger?   First, remember to appeal to all of the senses: The Front Door should be clean and have a fresh coat of paint; replace the door hardware if needed The exterior light fixtures should be clean and shining A new doormat and a few…

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This Painted Lady Looked like Too Much Work for Portland Buyers

As home stagers in Portland, Oregon we often see homes that linger on the market, homes that aren’t professionally staged but that could use a stager’s help to improve their appeal to potential buyers.  We’ve noticed that Portland homes that were built about 20 years are showing their age!   These homes were built in…

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Barbara Corcoran: One Shark You’d Love Swimming With!

Most of us are familiar with Barbara Corcoran as a real estate mogul and star of ABC’s Shark Tank. Barbara made her fortune at first leasing and then selling NYC real estate when she owned The Corcoran Group.  I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara recently at the Real Estate Staging Association‘s annual convention in Las…

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It’s Not Easy Being Green … Home Staging Tales in Portland OR

When you’re staging your home to sell, interior paint color is an important element because buyers don’t want to spend money and time repainting before they move in.  We’ve often seen that too much “work” discourages busy buyers, who’d much rather find a home that’s “move in ready.” We recently staged a contemporary model home in…

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This “Skinny” Portland House Lingered on the Market before Staging

Another Portland home staging success story! Skinny Homes in Portland became popular a few years ago when developers were granted permission to build on lots that were smaller than the standard 50 x 100 ft. These homes were usually infill in established older neighborhoods, like this example that Room Solutions Staging was hired to stage recently.…

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Before your Portland Home goes on the Market make sure we can SEE it!

During a recent home staging consultation for a Portland seller, we suggested several easy, cost-effective improvements to make the home more appealing to buyers — inside and out. Buyers will form their first impression of the home when they drive up to view it. This first impression is important because usually it influences whether or…

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Fresh Paint Can Help Sell Your Portland Home Faster!

As a home stager in Portland, I see many homes that need some level of home staging assistance.  Since potential buyers often make a quick judgment about whether they’ll like a home when they first see it (online or in person), one of the best returns on investment a seller can make is to freshen up…

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